During our 2nd Fall Symposium 2022, we reflected on the agency of architecture for regenerative and distributive solutions in the Global North and the Global South

Hybrid event, 17-18 November 2022, Hasselt Belgium - finished event

The Fall Symposium is a two-yearly event, complementing the postgraduate cycle with in-depth reflection.

Initiated by the Building Beyond Borders research team, the Fall Symposium sets up a broad conversation and reflection on the topic and live project of its most recent postgraduate edition. In doing so, we want to build an international network of thinkers and do-ers to cast the foundations for more regenerative and distributive solutions and approaches in the building sector, both in the Global North and the Global South.

Academics, practitioners, students, NGO’s, community members, … from all over the world are invited to contribute to this conversation, through an active contribution by means of a presentation or lecture or by attending the symposium and participating in the discussions that will be organized.

Two keynote speakers, one from academics and one from architectural practice, who have an extensive expertise in the given domain will highlight different perspectives on the topics raised.

To minimize the environmental impact of traveling for presenters and participants coming from afar, the symposium is organized as a hybrid event. Utmost attention is given to the close-to-physical presence-experience.

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