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'hands-on experimenting plays a central role in this journey'

In the hands-on atelier - in collaboration with BC architects&studies&materials and other partners from building practice and industry - we combine workshops to experiment with regenerative materials, with lectures, site and study visits.

The focus is on artisanship as well as on innovations to upscale regenerative solutions and to create impact in the building sector.

Geosourcing, wood, fibres, industry of earth blocks ...  every workshop has a specific focus and theme. Organised as 1, 3 or 5 day experiental sessions, the workshops are also intensive moments of collaboration and teambuilding 

In Spring 2024, we will visit Morocco and the village of Ouled Merzoug, where the participants of the 18I19 edition of Building Beyond Borders designed and built the Women's House.  Together with local craftsmen, we will study traditional ways of building with earth and we will be introduced to innovative, contemporary applications of earth blocks.

The focus will be on hands-on experiments with different earth construction techniques, guided by local professionals. 'A series of introductory lectures by BC architects & studies & materials, give you a look into the traditions and history of earth construction techniques while also elaborating on contemporary applications in a Western context.' 

Site visits to traditional architecture projects, using vernaculare construction techniques, as well as to contemporary interventions are part of the programme.

Accommodated by local families, participants will experience the village culture in depth, including traditional dishes, Moroccan bread and traditional tea.

The postgraduate programme is supported by UHasselt's School of Expert Education (SEE)